Interstellar: The Cinema Experince

If you enter any cinema, the adverts beforehand will probably include some form of sponsor who is convincing you that nothing beats that ‘cinema experience’. Y’know the ones. But, what exactly is this ‘cinema experience’ that I’m paying through the nose for? I think I’ve found an example.

Interstellar was one of those films, like Avatar, where the hype was so so huge that I was convinced I wouldn’t like the film. Everyone elses opinions and obsessiveness was so blaring and ‘in your face’, I thought I’d go into the film with my expectations too high and leave disappointed.

Woah, was I wrong. Now, I’m not going to sit here and act like the film was perfect- will Christopher Nolan ever be able to write a believable female character for a start. However, what it absolutely nailed though, was that intense, epic, cinema experience that I think almost deserved my overly priced £12 cinema ticket.

I have a golden cinema rule. Cinemas are so expensive nowadays, even without popcorn and all the added ‘imax’, ‘3D’, ‘premium seat’ extras. So I reserve the cinema only for films I deem ‘worthy’. These include horror films (only when I’m in a fun group of 4 or more for that funny ‘I just screamed so loud I embarrassed myself’ experience) and absolutely epic blockbuster films which deserve to be seen on a screen bigger than my laptop when I stream Netflix. Interstellar well and truly comes into the latter category.

I went to see Interstellar with two friends; one is a pretty big film lover and the other isn’t particularly into sci-fi but likes a good storyline twist and a good ending, (9/10 times I’ve exited the cinema with her and her first words have been ‘the end ruined everything’). So I like to think I was in good company. We all commented on an odd feeling upon exiting the cinema, I described it as that euphoric buzz you get after coming off a rollercoaster you were terrified of riding. It was odd. Both friends were super impressed; which is saying something.

inerstellarWhen I got home I did the awful, masochistic thing I do every time I leave a cinema feeling elated- I google it. And read everything that’s wrong with it. Why. Why. Why do I do this to myself?!

However, the only thing the internet seemed to be in uproar about was the science. Some of the science wasn’t quite right. Well, I’m pretty sure some of the science in Star Wars wasn’t accurate, but the reason that these films are classed as Sci-Fi is because its fiction. The clue is in the name, people. If this was a documentary then fair enough. But it’s not. It’s entertainment, and as far as I’m concerned I was thoroughly entertained.

This is super cliche, but the film was literally an emotional rollercoaster. One minute I was crying and the second I was holding my breath and my stomach was in knots. In the opening scene, I’m pretty sure my cinema seat took off from our dear old planet for a few moments. (I watched it in IMAX, fyi). The science didn’t cross my mind. The sheer scope and scale of this film was something cinema goers haven’t seen in a long long time.

This comic-book mad phase we seem to be enjoying at the cinema is all good fun, but none of the Marvel offerings have come anywhere near the immense feeling of Interstellar. Some may argue that Marvel films offer up better storylines and character development; fair enough, but I don’t pay £12 for character development that I could have watched on Netflix. I pay £12 for that elusive cinema experience.


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