With the announcement of Sony rebooting ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’, there has been a wave of backlash against remakes themselves all over social media. I’m one of those annoyingly optimistic people when it comes to remakes. It might be my love for Doctor Who, with which comes a need to build a thick skin for change as the doctor regenerates every few years. Change and remakes are inevitable in today’s society.

After reading that “summer 2012, May through August, had 36 releases from major studios, and 25 of those were a remake, an adaptation or a sequel“, made me realise that this is a huge chunk of our cinema going trips, and the trend isn’t letting up any time soon. As I said, I’m always optimistic for this sort of thing. New Jurassic Park? Yay! New Star Wars? Bring it on. New Doctor? Gimme.

Some people immediately dread change and prefer to stay in their comfort zone where they know what to expect and know that they love it how it is. To me, a new perspective, in a new more modern society, new technology can only make me optimistic.

I do, honestly, realise that this isn’t always the case. Sometimes remakes and reboots can go so so terribly wrong. I just think people should save their dread and horror and anger at remakes until they actually see the film.

Being pleasantly surprised is better than being right, my friends.


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