…House of 1000 Corpses

Wow. I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting when going into this film, but I hadn’t heard anything about it at all. I’d scrolled past it on Netflix, I hadn’t seen it, but I’d heard of it, and so here we are.

Whilst watching this, I seriously considered the possibility that I was being brainwashed and I was going to be killed in 7 days after watching it. Like, it was just that weird.

Essentially, two couples on a road trip find themselves having a bit of car trouble and a seemingly kind family take them in and offer to fix their car. You know, the typical set up to a horror film, until it turns out that the family are crazy murderous lunatics. Who’d have thought.

dwight from office

Throughout most of this film, I wasn’t quite sure whether to laugh or not. The funniest moment, by far, was the above image. Dwight from the American Office with most of his limbs chopped off shoved into what looks like some sort of mermaid costume..? I don’t even know.

Essentially, I think Rob Zombie (director) was trying some sort of throwback homage to classic 70s horror such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the original Hills Have Eyes. As well as attempting to comment on horror stereotypes, gender and the ‘final girl’ trope. However, for how clever and high brow Zombie might have thought he was being, it just came off sort of weird and creepy. Maybe I’m just not cool enough to ‘get it’ but I probably won’t be watching it again.

I’ll give ‘Devil’s Rejects’ a watch though at some point, to see how it compares.

Has anyone seen this? Think it’s any better than what I thought?



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