…Child’s Play (October Challenge)

Now, I knew all about Chucky before watching this film. Everyone does. He’s just one of those horror characters that everyone knows just like Jason, Mike Meyers, Leatherface, Freddy. Therefore, I knew straight off the bat that Chucky was the killer and so I was glad that the film didn’t mess around with the mystery of ‘who did it’. Right from the off we’re given shots of Chucky’s hands opening doors, and him shuffling around, even when, in the film, the little boy Andy is suspected of the killings.

childs play

‘Child’s Play’, released in 1988, was one of the first video nasties that parents hated their kids watching and which people claimed were bad influences on their children. Maybe it’s because I’m watching it 25 years later, but the film isn’t that scary and I wouldn’t even class it as a straight up horror when you consider some of the comedic elements; especially Chucky’s sarcastic comments.

However, the most chilling scene in the film comes when the mother, Karen, realises that Chucky has been moving and talking this whole time without batteries. Whilst she’s getting a drink of water, Chucky is sitting behind her in the living room just inside the shot. I literally couldn’t take my eyes off him, waiting for him to move or to disappear between shots.

The Chucky idea has truly become iconic and was a good switch-up in the slasher genre.

I surprisingly really enjoyed this film, and will probably watch the sequels at some point. Have you ever seen any of the Chucky films?


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