…I Know What You Did Last Summer (October Challenge)

As part of my October Challenge (posted here), I watched ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ the other night as the first in my list of 13 horror films that I should have seen but haven’t.

The film was released in 1997, and so I had heard quite a few things about it. I have to admit that it’s similarities to ‘Scream’ were at the forefront of my mind when watching.

For those of you who don’t know, the film begins at a beauty pageant where Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character wins and then her and three friends go to a beach, have a few drinks and a good time, and then on the way home hit someone with their car. Then one year later, some mysterious person begins to stalk and harass them citing that he ‘knows what they did last summer’.

i know what you did last summer


I actually found this film quite fun. I started with this one as I knew it wouldn’t be terrifyingly scary and it would ease me into the challenge quite well and I predicted that fairly accurately. There were a few jumps which were really fun, and the tone of the film was just very cliche but fun slasher movie. This feeling might be because I’m watching it 16 years later and I can look back on it contextually, whereas someone who watched the film at its release would probably have described it very differently.

Ryan Phillipe’s character was THE most annoying out of the four protagonists, like wow, I’m so glad he died first. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character put up suuuchhh a good fight, and with forever mentally linking her with Buffy, I just wanted her to turn around and kick the killer’s ass, but that never happened. Bless her, she was so close to that street parade and being saved!

I really liked Jennifer Love Hewitt as the ‘final girl’ trope. She was very unafraid to research and find out what really happened to save herself and her friends as well as fight off and escape the killer.

I didn’t manage to work out who the killer was, and the twist at the end was very interesting. However the last scene, although it made me jump, really annoyed me. Don’t make me root for this character for 100 minutes, and then on the last scene leave me not knowing whether she lived or died for some cheap jump.

Have you seen this yet? Is this a horror film you should have seen but haven’t?


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