…Peter Capaldi

Can I just begin by expressing my pure joy that Capaldi got the role! Out of all the names that were circling the rumour mill prior to the New Doctor announcement, he’s the only one who caught my eye and made me genuinely think he’d be a great Doctor.

The announcement itself was rather… testing. A half hour show which didn’t even announce the new Doctor until 20minutes in; I was getting rather tired of the 4 or 5 montages we had to sit through. It was worse than an X Factor results show. However, they definitely built tension, after 15minutes I thought I was going to wee myself with pure nerves.

Nerves because I was so absolutely sure they were going to pick one of the unknown, young pretty faces from the list of rumoured actors which included that guy from the BT adverts (thank God that didn’t happen). Throughout all the rumours and discussions over the last couple of weeks, including Helen Mirren’s call for a female doctor and fans demands for a non-White doctor, I think that I just wanted someone who wasn’t a pretty young thing. (And now I’m singing that Michael Jackson song, damn).

A female Doctor would have been brilliant but I just don’t think Moffat is the right person to handle that (I’ve already discussed this in a previous post, here). And unless the Doctor Who team cast Idris Elba then I wasn’t too hot on a POC either, as I had my heart set on Elba. In a perfect world Elba would play the next Batman, the next Bond and every other role in the world because he’s just damn perfect. Ahem.

And so an older actor was cast. Capaldi is 55 years old and I think that that is brilliant. It breaks the mould a little and I think it was well needed if they weren’t going to cast a POC or a woman. Hopefully this will eliminate any romantic story lines like we had with Rose and Martha and River. Although a bit of 12 and River flirting would be quite fun..? I think it’s about time the Doctor was explored a little differently through emotions other than love. Capaldi, being an already established actor, will bring gravitas and excitement to a new regeneration that there hasn’t been in a long time.

The announcement on Sunday, although incredibly exciting, also made me a little sad and nostalgic. We haven’t even said goodbye to Smith’s 11 yet and I miss him already. I didn’t quite realise just how much I liked him as the Doctor until then. However, I’m also ready for a new chapter. With each regeneration announcement I’ve always known people who’ve been skeptical, and a few people who downright hated Matt Smith when it was revealed he had taken over. However, I’ve always been a ‘give them a chance’ sort of person. With Capaldi though, I’m so absolutely positive that he’s going to pull it off, and so is everyone else apparently, that I haven’t even had to tell anyone to be quiet and ‘give him a chance’.

I’m excited to see what happens and what he brings to the TARDIS. What do you think? You happy with the Capaldi choice? Also sad to see Matt Smith go?


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