So, Christian Bale today finally put all those rumors about him reprising his Batman role to bed. He has admitted that as far as the possible future Justice League movie is concerned, he hasn’t been approached and believes that the role is “a torch that should be handed from one actor to another.”

If I’m being completely honest, I’m writing this post rather begrudgingly. I do want to ponder who will be passed this ‘torch’ and discuss pros and cons of different actors who could be suitable to the role. However, I can’t help but think that we need a bit of a Batman break, no? Bale has become almost iconic in the role of Batman, especially for this generation, and so I feel like it should be left alone for a few years before bringing someone new in. Alas, the Justice League rumors are rife, even more so now with the huge success of The Avengers, and so it’s highly likely a new Batman will be wheeled in rather soon. Shall we have a bit of a ponder at who?

Jake Gyllenhaal

jake gyllenhaal


He’s the right sort of age. Roles such as Jarhead show that he has the ability to work on his body to become Batman physically.


Bit of a baby face? If he grew and maintained a good 5oclock shadow he might be okay.


Josh Brolin

josh brolin


Looks like a anti-hero, he could play the ‘good guy with demons’ character well. After the next Sin City film is released he’ll become a little more on people’s radar.


Perhaps a bit too old? By the time production moves along and they actually get filming he could be hitting 50.


Gerard Butler

gerard butlerPros:

Er, did you see his body in 300? He’s well up to the challenge of maintaining a Batman physique. He’s got an attractive enough face which you could see getting into a Batman rage.


He was in The Ugly Truth.


Idris Elba

idris elba


He’s proved his anti-hero worth in Luther and now he’s branching out to Hollywood with Thor and Pacific Rim. Intimidating and exciting onscreen presence.


Batman has only ever been portrayed by Caucasian men. Time for a switch up I think!


Joseph Gordon-Levitt



With the way Nolan left TDKR I couldn’t not include him in the list. Whether the Justice League team will bring him across is a different matter.


Doesn’t seem to quite have the maturity that Batman has. And like Gyllenhaal, a little baby faced and cute. He’s more of a sidekick.

So what’s your verdict? Who do you think should take over the Batman role?


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